With each vintage, 1837 BAROSSA embodies our history and our vision of outstanding wine. We were raised with the knowledge that a grand wine comes from a grand trio: a grand terroir, superior grapes and impeccable oenology.

Expertise on our terroir:
The vineyards of 1837 BAROSSA are distinguished for their well-structured red-brown clays with calcareous rocks, an ideal condition for premium class vines. This unique terroir has been considered one of the best grape growing regions in the world for more than 150 years now, thanks to the combination of the Barossa Valley’s Mediterranean and the ideal microclimate of each individual 1837 BAROSSA vineyard. Lyndoch was the first location where wine was cultivated in the world-famous Barossa Valley of today. 1837 BAROSSA honours this venerable tradition as we strive for a new top wine with each new vintage.

The cultivation of tremendous quality grapes:
At 1837 BAROSSA, we instinctively understand the individual microclimate of every single part of our vineyards. Thus, we tend to each part – indeed, each row and each vine – accordingly. Each section of our vineyards has its own character, and our grape growers take every effort to foster and stabilize this character. We monitor the growth of the grapes over the entire year, and maintain them with a singular objective in mind: to create the foundation for a grand wine. To achieve this important aspiration, we conducted a search for the world’s best vintners. To us, our vintner must embody all the values that we require in order to produce grapes according to our highest standard of quality.

Oenology as artwork:
Expertise on our wine is essential. Advances in oenology have given us new insights into the development of wine. From the first fermentation through to maturation in the oak barrel, each batch is tasted regularly. Over and over again, until we know the character of each batch. In our opinion, vintification involves more than the technical work that we have already perfected. At 1837 BAROSSA we go one step further, consistently referring to the symbiosis of perfected technique and art, to wit: the artisan. The making of wine is like the painting of a grand portrait: one brushstroke at a time, until the portrait becomes a completed masterwork. We at 1837 BAROSSA are proud to say that we have been joined by truly grand wine makers of our time. Thanks to the passion and devotion of our winemakers, we set new standards. Regularly honoured with the best evaluations by renowned international wine experts, 1837 BAROSSA is considered one of the premiere artisans of the wine industry.

All of these core values are manifested by our high standards. We take them to heart, and apply this absolute conviction about our basic values to every step in the wine making process – from everyday decisions on the maintenance of the vineyard, through to the final result: a grand wine on your table.