Most Panoramic Views of the

Breathtaking panoramic views from each angle of our hill-top estate.

1837 Barossa Modern Art Trail

Name a more iconic duo than art and wine. 1837 Barossa has combined the two and provide the ultimate experience for visitors that are looking to add a little culture to their winery adventures. The spectacular art trail offers a dozen modern art sculptures that have been commissioned from international artists making the collection the latest addition to the tourism offering of the Barossa.

Fine Dining

The “Horizon@1837”Restaurant and Cellar celebrates a marriage of contemporary Australian cuisine where Barossa’s local produce enhances the buttery flavour of South Australia’s phenomenal seasonal produce. Book a table here

The Barossa Colonel Light Monument commemorating the Birthplace of the Barossa

Colonel William Light, founder of Adelaide and first Surveyor-General of South Australia, traversed the ground of our estate on 13th December 1837, when exploring the north-east of Adelaide. On this historic occasion he bestowed the name of our township Lyndoch and the entire hill range Barossa.

The Barossa Colonel Light Monument, a life-size bronze monument of Colonel Light on horseback commemorates the birthplace of today’s world-famous Barossa Valley on our estate.

The Iconic Barossa Manor

The Barossa Manor is a landmark of South Australia. Its iconic architecture follows the Victorian Neoclassical period. The three Flemish gables on the main facade have decorative trim and an equilateral triangle which was used in the ancient Greek civilizations as the delta glyph and is symbolic of a doorway. The thought was that the combination of polarities would provide a new opening. The hand-forged iron entrance gate was crafted to mirror the central gable of the Barossa Manor. Flemish gables were a notable feature of the Renaissance architecture, which spread to northern Europe arriving in Britain during the latter part of the 16th century. Later Flemish gables with flowing curves became absorbed into early South Australian architecture, such as the Quorn Railway station, which first opened in 1879.

Tasting Experiences

Guided wine tastings take place in in our exclusive Wine Pavilion conducted by our friendly cellar door staff. Booking is essential.

Self-guided wine tastings are available in our Horizon@1837 Restaurant during any opening hours.

Native EcoVineyard

The EcoVineyard concept incorporates native (pre-European settlement) insectary plants to create biodiverse ecosystems in and around vineyards. These plants support populations of insect predators, which contribute towards biocontrol of vineyard pests and may ultimately lead to reduced input costs and the use of chemicals.

The use of insectary plants, help to demonstrate our environmental credentials, change the look and function of vineyards and provide opportunities for tourists and international wine customers to learn about our unique and sustainable ecosystem.

Growing Season
  • Planting of Christmas Bush adjacent to strainer posts, sourced from Barossa Bushgardens
  • Mid-row ground preparation for 2025 native seeding
Growing Season
  • Planting of native insectary understorey plants in
    establishment adjacent to gums and vineyard
  • Mid-row ground preparation for 2025 native seeding
Growing Season
  • Mid-row native seeding in cooperation with Seeding Natives

Book a Helicopter ride
from our own helipad

Fly away from your everyday. The helicopter is exclusively yours for this time! All flights
are 2-3 people. Book your Barossa Helicopter Wine Experience here.