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No warranty:

Although 1837 BAROSSA uses all care in order to guarantee the reliability of the information contained on the website on the date of its publication, neither 1837 BAROSSA nor its contract parties can make any explicitly or implied representation or warranty (including to third parties) regarding accuracy, reliability or completeness of information on Opinions and other information on the website are subject to change without notice at any time. 1837 BAROSSA assumes no responsibility and gives no guarantee that the functions on the website are not disrupted or that the website or the other servers are free of viruses or other damaging components.

Limitation of liability:

Any liability of 1837 BAROSSA (including negligence) is excluded for direct, indirect or consequential damages that result from access to the elements of the website or its use or the inability to access or use them, or linkage to other websites.

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Data protection:

1837 BAROSSA places a premium on data protection. As visitor to the website, you decide what information you wish to disclose to us. In principle, you leave no personal data by visiting the website without express permission. In certain cases, e.g. when ordering, we need your name and address; when these kinds of personal data, such as your e-mail address as well, for example, are necessary, then we will notify you in the appropriate manner. If we obtain data from you via Internet or e-mail, then they will be treated confidentially as defined by the following. We otherwise reserve the right to use your data for marketing purposes or to commission a third company with conducting a specific project for us, such as a market analysis or competitive evaluation. Another use of your personal data, specifically the sale to third parties, is expressly excluded.


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