A grand Barossa wine is always like a fine ensemble cast, portraying where it comes from and when. 1837 BAROSSA wines are based on a grand trio of basic principles: a great terroir, a superior vintner and the artistry of one of the most illustrious wine makers of our time.

Once produced only for family and friends, now this fine wine is available to others today – though only in limited supply. A grand vision was realized with making our top quality wines, without compromise; wines so phenomenal that you will only want to share it with your closest family members and best of friends.

1837 BAROSSA Wines are one of the truly grand wines of the Barossa Valley, made for a very small, select group of wine lovers and refined taste buds. Accordingly, our wines are the emblematic of the vision for this exquisite passion that has only one measure: the uncompromising expression of elegance and finesse that extends beyond fashion and trends.

The perfectly balanced wines give an unparalleled, unique depth to the bouquet. Our red wines are full-bodied wines with velvety tannins, deep violet in colour, Our Barossa red wines have an intense aroma of black cassis with hints of chocolate and forest berries folded in and ends with a long finish. The subtle mix of aromatic complexity with the wine’s innate brawn gives 1837 BAROSSA wines a sustained opulence, brimming with impressions and feelings.

A long maturation period in French oak barrels adds to the full expression of our wines. Our wines age very slowly, first in oak barrels and then for decades in the bottle. For each owner of an older bottle of our iconic selection, patience is richly rewarded. An older vintage of our iconic selection unlocks complex flavour combinations, something like the maturing of an old friendship spanning decades. An aged vintage leads to an unforgettable experience.

Timeless moments have been enjoyed at Barossa Manor,
again and again, year after year, since 1837.