1837 Barossa Art Trail

There is no more iconic duo than art and wine!  1837 Barossa has combined the two and provide the ultimate experience for visitors that are looking to add a little culture to their winery adventures. The spectacular art trail offers a dozen modern art sculptures that have been commissioned from international artists making the collection the latest addition to the tourism offering of the Barossa.

The aromas of wine

Red stands for red fruit, purple for dark berries, yellow for citrus, orange for general aging (leather, coffee, tobacco) and blue for noble rot

The Mask of History

The historic mask faces the monument of William Light.
It symbolizes the time capsule when William Light traversed the ground of our estate in 1837

The guardians of wines

The installation of various face mask chairs represent the 1837 Barossa winemakers who guard the wines.


Wings of Barossa

The “Wings of Barossa” faces the most premium vineyard of 1837 Barossa from which the 1837 Barossa Legend  Single Block Shiraz is handcrafted every year. Become a Barossa Legend and pose between the wings as an angel.


The iconic pop art sculpture “L O V E” of the American artist Robert Indiana has been playfully twisted to “W I N E” of  the which tells the simple message Love Wine.

Light’s Barossa Vision

The giant baroque picture frame allows you to take a photo with the view of William Light when naming the Barossa in 1837.