Iconic Wines From the Birthplace of the Barossa

The Barossa is one of the world’s most famous wine producing areas. The prestigious Barossa is not only home to some of the oldest vineyards and wineries in Australia but produces some of its most recognizable and sought-after Australian

The Barossa Wine Region consist of the Barossa Valley and the higher altitude Eden Valley. All our grapes are grown in the GI of the Barossa Wine region.


1837 Barossa succeeded in gaining the most renowned winemakers of Australia. The Auchli family has been instrumental in gaining the best talents available from all over the world to produce the most iconic Australian wines.

Each individual step in wine production is carried out in the same way a grand painter uses oils to paint a work of art.  Perfection in each brushstroke, until the painting has achieved its intrinsic value. In this respect, the winemakers of 1837 Barossa are artisans through and through.

Our red varieties are grown in the Barossa Valley. The characteristic soil has a tiny layer of red brown silty clay on a bed of creamy limestone which makes the vines work very hard. Our white varieties are grown in the cool climate of Eden Valley in fertile sandy loam over deep soil with organic matter. Our Vineyards are Sustainable Practice Certified. Certification granted by NASAA Certified Organic (NCO).

Barossa Valley Vineyards
Elevation: 190m

Eden Valley Vineyards
Elevation: 485m

Each of our wines wears a cordon sash.

Portrait of the Duke of Wellington under whom William Light served in 1814 after courageous service against Napoleon’s forces from 1809 to 1814.

The cordon sash recalls the uniform decorations of 1837. It is a sign of extraordinary achievements. Our winemaker understands that it takes this utter devotion to create a truly grand wine. In applying this passion, with each vintage, our winemaker crafts an astounding top-level wine that consistently amazes impassioned wine enthusiasts, and that wine experts regularly crown with the highest marks.